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Let's Look at Manufacturing Automated in America by the year 2040

Take a moment to step back in envision what the future will look like for manufacturing in the United States in the year 2040. With the rise of automation and robotics currently taking place most jobs in manufacturing will be replaced with technology breakthroughs being uncovered as you read this article. We're beginning to see it now with companies such as Rethink Robotics and Universal Robotics coming on scene with products such as Sawyer and Baxter.

But where does that leave the middle-class American? That's the big question we are all asking ourselves. Small towns peppered throughout the United States that originally employed hundreds if not thousands of middle-class workers will be gone. What will be left is highly efficient, remotely monitored, minimally staffed production facilities that run almost autonomously.

So if your an industrial distributor, or a systems integrator somewhere in the United States you should begin thinking about where you might fit into the picture?

Could you provide preventative maintenance services around robotics? Or could you potentially be the person that integrates and designs the robotics? Or maybe you're the cyber security firm that protects foreign adversaries from hacking into a customers network and screwing up the production schedule.The one thing you will not be is a CNC tender, or an assembly technician.

Alec Ross recently published a book that's received rave reviews on Amazon that highlights the industries of the future. Alec states that robotics, cyber security and the internet of the things will be central to our economy for years to come.

If your interested in investigating robotics or automation in general please contact RG Group directly.


Patrick R. Gross, MBA
Engineered Solutions Business Development

The Engineered Solutions Team specializes in providing motion control expertise in all mechanical disciplines; Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electromechanical. We provide productivity and value in all aspects of the build cycle from feasibility/design through testing, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Custom Hydraulic Test Stand

Hello I am Brian Robison with RG Group and I was the project manager for this Engineered Solution’s project. I’d like to walk through the steps with you on what we did for this project. So a customer came to us and wanted a testing stand that would allow them to do work on all of their calipers, valves, and electromechanical products, so we made this bench for them. I will first go through the electrical side with you.

We have four different ports for their electrical needs and the bench will actually be able to power all of those, and with regular duplex power, so if you needed to plug in a computer or anything else the bench will be able to provide power. We have indicator lights for all these ports as well as an Oscilloscope that will show different sign waves for transducers or will check if the voltage is actually what its saying it is. It will also print directly to the printer that we have inside the bench.  There’s no need for an external computer. It can do all of that within the bench itself.

On the hydraulics side of it we have two main pressure lines where the user can hook up their quick disconnect hose and control the pressure closed-end drain within this selector valve and within this whole system. We actually can control the pressure right on the front of the bench by having the pressure-relief valve. With all the different circuits that we have here they were specified from the customers and they wanted to integrate different components which we were actually able to put underneath the bench as seen in the video with accumulators and different customers specified projects and what the items you see up here. They can place their valves inside these testing manifolds, hook up the hose directly to the bench, test out each valve to make sure it’s working properly, if it’s leaking before they go ahead and install it back in their products. We also made them a couple of fixtures for the different components that they want to test so pieces bouncing around the table they can just fixture this directly to the bench. So it makes testing a little easier with this table you see here it’s actually a drip pan which will drain into a reservoir. Located beneath the bench itself which makes clean up very easy. You’ll see you have a bud that is leaking a lot of oil this will make things very simple, very clean, and make your testing procedure much easier for the technician.


So we can go ahead and go to the back and see all of the different cuts that go into the bench. As you can see in the back of the bench in the video there is all this different tubing that we had to do as we built because all these bends are very custom. All these bends are stainless steel tubing with stainless steel fittings connecting all of the different units together, as you can see here, we have the hydraulic power unit actually integrated into the bench so you don’t need to have a separate part connected to the bench, it’s all one unit. Also there’s a cooler system to make sure that heat dissipation is achieved and then two filters to make sure that all your fluid going through your testing products is nice and clean and won’t damage it after you’re done. So in the electrical side you can take a look back behind we have an input of 460 shop power which will supply power to the entire bench. You don’t have to have separate power inputs a big 5KVA transformer and as you can see all the different connection points for the components that are on this electrical side and a 120-volt AC inverter as well for that duplex on the front and the variable 0 to 60 volt for any electromechinical products that you need different voltages for.

So this is a look into some of what we get to do here at RG Group and some day we hope to help you out in whatever situation you need. RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions. If you’d like to see more of our engineered solution projects, you can read some of our case studies or you can check out our other blog post where we do a brief overview on our Engineered Solutions team. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


-Brian Robison Mechanical Engineer

RG Group | Your complete source for motion control and fluid handling solutions


The RG Group provides leadership in the design and delivery of innovative motion control products and solutions. For over 60 years we’ve collaborated with customers creating a sustainable competitive advantage. By demonstrating trusted expertise in a design application, supply of motion control, and fluid handling solutions for hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical and process technologies our network of local branches, located strategically in the Mid-Atlantic region provide an immediate variety of real-time made to order solutions including custom hose assembly’s vendor managed inventory and repair and installation services on a 24/7 basis.

Our passion is to keep your business moving forward profitably.

As motion control and fluid handling experts we focus on sustainable solutions to reduce customer’s operational costs by improving efficiencies and reducing energy consumption. We improve our customer’s probability by providing a service based business model representing a who’s who in elite global offers, premiere global products delivered with world-class service. RG Group provides an unparalleled customer experience through a variety of value-added services. Including preventive maintenance programs, safety seminars, training, and industrial or mobile repair and installation services. Our demonstrated ability to innovate and create sustainable value by designing first-of-a-kind turnkey engineered solutions in 3 mechanical disciplines; electromechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic is our competitive advantage. From a rapid prototyping to long term contract manufacturing. Our manufacturing services team delivers unique on-demand cost-effective solutions.

RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about us, contact us at (717) 846-9300.

RG Group Custom Engineered solutions in Hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical industries

The RG Engineered Solutions division provides custom engineered systems and sub-assembly solutions. We offer customers a range of services from first-of-a-kind rapid prototyping to long-term outsourced contact manufacturing. Our engineering and production technicians are highly skilled in the design and application of hydraulic, pneumatic, or electromechanical and process systems. Our custom products include hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, and we also custom design and supply hydraulic, pneumatic, and instrumentation value manifolds. We are also known for our hydraulic filtration skid test stands and equipment and custom fabricated tube or hose assembly.

Our flexible outsource manufacturing services provide customers an ISO9001 certified source for subassembly or final assembly of mechanical pro process control systems or meet a short term or permanent spike in demand. Our rapid prototyping and experience in the original collative design and fabrication of first of its kind systems provide OEMs a sustainable competitive advantage for feasibility studies to final design and build. Our team offers trusted, proven engineering expertise available when and how you need it.

We utilized the latest technologies to develop unique and highly customized systems. Our engineering team interfaces directly with the customer throughout the design and build process using 3D modeling and sophisticated fluid system performance simulators to ensure predictable excellent results using the competitive advantage of our global supplier partners. Our team delivers mobile marine and industrial systems that operate everything from steering systems on yachts to flight simulations, entertainment rides, decontaminations and medical systems, hydraulic test stands, military vehicles and vessels, and power generation systems.

Our flexible outsource manufacturing services reduce costs and eliminate redundancy in todays understaffed manufacturing environment. Every system or sub-assembly is 100% tested and documented to customer specification ensuring repeatedly reliable high quality results. Our recently expanded 43,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes overhead cranes, ventilated paint and wall booths, and most importantly our experienced team of well-trained project engineered and technicians working exclusively on engineered systems. Our business is about your business and we keep your business in motion.

RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about or engineered solutions team, contact us at (717) 846-9300


RG Group – Hydraulic Service and repair

RG Group specializes in the repair, installation, and troubleshooting of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical systems in the industrial, mobile, and marine markets with a guaranteed commitment to quality, speed, and service. Whatever the brand, our factory trained technicians can install, rebuild, and warranty the vast majority of key hydraulic or pneumatic global products. We don’t just repair we rebuild your valuable equipment using only original components and seals this allows us to warranty our repair services for a minimum of 12 months of service.

In addition to our component repair services we offer a wide variety of in-plant technical services. Including mobile fine suppression systems, preventative maintenance, system trouble shooting, and flushing and fluid conditioning services. Our additional on-demand, in plant services include the installation or diagnostic evaluation of sophisticated industrial, mobile, and marine systems. Our service and repair resources are available 24/7 to keep your business moving.

RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions.

RG Group’s Parker Hannifin Store Business Model

                Our brand business model provides a local presence in our key geographical markets. The RG Groups Parker Store network offers walk-in customers prompt, efficient, and professional in-store services while you wait. Every branch is committed to providing real time knowledge technological support in friendly and comfortable shopping environments. Our local branches offer an intense inventory of Fluid Power System replacement parts and solutions.

It’s not just any inventory it’s the right inventory.

We pride ourselves in having what you want when you want it. Our local customer’s rely on our knowledgeable branch managers to provide custom made hydraulic and pneumatic hose assemblies and complementary products to keep their business moving. Our branch managers are factory trained experts who speak your language. We don’t just replace a hose, our goal is to isolate and eliminate future problems as well. To meet today’s hyper-pace of business our branches off 24/7 emergency services.

RG Group headquarters is located in York, PA but we have stores all around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We do everything from shipping out basic assembly parts to creating custom engineered solutions for our customers. Our job is to keep your business in motion.

RG Group Motion Control and Fluid Connector Distribution located in York, PA

Since 1956 our Distribution services have remained focused on delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Our customer service teams are linked to a shared common network and phone system to provide personalized service and immediate access to over 4 million dollars of inventory. Along with our local and regional inventory we share a common network with over 200 million dollars in readily available inventory. Our certified customer service team is committed to delivering the WOW factor for every customer. We take pride in our trusted expertise and our ability to specify and find the right system for our customer’s most demanding motion control and fluid handling or processing applications.

RG customers have an immediate access to a wide variety of customer distribution services. Including omni-channel ecommerce solutions, just in time inventory, custom kitting and packaging, and vender managed inventory services. In addition we offer custom invoicing options and electronic order processing the RG rapid reserve inventory program allows customers to quickly select products online or by phone which is always available to ship the same day, every day. We’re committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience at every customer touch point.

(Pictured is our brand new REAL-TIME Distribution board that tracks all packages we send out to make sure that you are receiving your order as fast as possible)

Our ISO 9001 certified process insures that we are experienced at meeting the most stringent customer requirements for distribution or manufacturing services. Our highly trained team of account managers and application and system engineers are experts in selecting the right products for any mechanical or process control application. RG Group is a recognized technology center for premier global industry lenders including Parker Hannifin, Gast, Enerpac, Wikai, Atlas Copco, and Gems. Our goal is to provide our customers a customized pathway to greater profitably and success with our collaborated services based business model.

RG Group headquarters is located in York, PA but we have stores all around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We do everything from shipping out basic assembly parts to creating custom engineered solutions for our customers. Our job is to keep your business in motion.

RG Group Value Proposition Model

           Hey there, I’m Rich Freeh the President and CEO of RG Group. Today I’m going to talk about the RG Group’s Progressive value proposition Business model that was put in place to help drive down our customer’s business costs. We have a comprehensive group of services that we offer for our customers that we like to bundle and call a value proposition. So I’d like to walk you through that. We’re going to begin in our distribution center, the backbone of our business. As a motion and control specialist and fluid processing business we provide next day delivery from any of our 9 branches or from our distribution tech center, which we just expanded a few months ago. There’s a wide variety of global industry leaders on our shelves, I’ll name just a few: Parker, Balluff, Gast, Enerpac, and Wika. But along with brand name products we offer our customers application expertise, technical expertise, and most of all providing our customers with next day shipping services. That was our foundation of our business 60 years ago and it’s just as essential today. Customers still rely on us to provide great local brands with trusted expertise and make sure they arrive on their door, the next day or in some cases the same day that they ask for them. That’s our Brand Promise.

  1. Added Inventory Services

            Today customers need more than just distribution and the moving of a box from one location to the other. They need for us to add value to them and we do that in a variety of logistical ways. One of the most common methods are our kits, so we’ll take anywhere from 3 to 33 items and put them together for a customer to then be delivered to them as a kit. This does two things, for the customer.

            First, it reduces the number of purchase orders they have, so instead of having 33 different orders being shipped they will have a single order shipped to them. This makes it much easier for them to receive everything they asked for as well as it’ll be much easier for them to build their end customer the product faster. Kitting is just one of the many great values that we add to you.

            After Kits the most prevalent service we offer our customers is “Vender Managed Inventory”. This is when we actually go onsite to the customer’s place of business and we will keep track and manage their inventory as part of what we do. This is helpful when you have issues with keeping track of what products you currently stock.

So all of this combined provides a real dramatic cost savings for our customer, all related to moving up that value stream for creating value for our end customers.  

  1. Subassembly Option

            Here is a great example of subassembly value work from us.